Scalable & Sensor Agnostic AI based Platform


Truly automate the analysis of your complex machine health data with a Software that combines AI as well as physics based models to minimize learning cycles and reduce false alarms by up to 90%, compared to competitors.

Machine monitoring sensors without advanced software create more problems than they solve. Large quantities of false notification will drive your team to not trust the system and likely miss real faults. Our goal with RotationLF is to cut through all of this noise and constantly strive to never miss a true fault while reducing false positive or nuisance notifications to as close to zero as possible.

Enhance the Life of your Machines with RotationLF

Know holistic health of your rotating equipment assets and plan your maintenance activities in advance

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Advance AI

We deploy customised AI based on the plant and equipment type, let it learn for few days using mix of supervised and unsupervised learning. It can learn in as little as 5 Days!

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Higher efficiency signal processing with improved IMF separation because of adaptive noise

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RPM to Fault

RPM to Fault correlation helps to understand load variation in Variable Speed applications and thus helps to eliminate 90% of the false negatives.

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Wide Varierty of Rotating Equipments

RotationLF suits almost all types of Motors, Pumps, Gearbox, Engines, Bearings, Turbines, Reactor, Generators etc and detects various faults for different application

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Scalable & Portable

RotationLF is the most scalable AI based software it can be deployed on PVT Cloud, On-premise. It can be integrated with horizontal technologies for last mile automation with open APIs

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Automated fault diagnosis & recommendations

Automated AI based Fault diagnosis of the equipments and auto recommendations to take the possible action

Benefits of RotationLF™

We built the end-to-end solution to work flawlessly.

You made an investment in hardware but are not happy with the analytics – we can take in data from that hardware.

Not just a notification for an anomaly. RotationLF tells you which component and what the actual fault mode is

Know when a machine is going to fail

Benefits of Predictive Maintenance / Benefits of RotationLF

Don’t miss anything but avoid your team being overloaded with notifications

Adaptive Thresholds based on your actual operations over time with range boundaries.

this is all done for you through a combination of ISO standards and the AI learning phase. Trivial on 10 assets but crucial when you want to go to scale.

You do not need to spend months providing data for a traditional data science project to create value. RotationLF is set up to start driving value in as little as 5 days.

Benefits of Predictive Maintenance / Benefits of RotationLF
“We compared a number of solutions in predictive maintenance and Nanoprecise’s RotationLF solution produced 80% fewer notification than the next best competitor while never missing a fault during our trial”

- Large Oil and Gas Refinery Customer in the USA

Machine Doctor Sensor

RotationLF goes well with Machine Doctor

Know how RotationLF can enhance life of your equipment

Machine Doctor

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