Harsh Operating Conditions

Metal manufacturing, characterized by elevated temperatures, dust, and abrasive materials, poses harsh operating conditions that contribute to accelerated wear and tear on equipment. This challenging environment makes monitoring equipment a complex task.

Monitoring Variable Speed Assets

Metal manufacturing encompasses a diverse range of machinery with varying RPMs. Because of this, Condition Monitoring solutions must be versatile enough to cover assets with both high and low RPM, ensuring that the entire spectrum of equipment is adequately monitored and maintained.

High Carbon Emissions

The metal industry faces the unique challenge of having the highest carbon emissions per dollar of value produced. Addressing this issue requires strategic measures, and energy-centric predictive maintenance emerges as a key player in minimizing downtime-related emissions and promoting sustainable practices.

Save time, money, and resources​

Minimize downtime and optimize cost-efficiency with our AI solution. Ensure peak performance for your assets while avoiding unnecessary repairs and disruptions.

Improve equipment availability and reliability​

Enhance equipment availability and reliability through automated remote monitoring. Utilize 6-in-1 wireless sensors for comprehensive data collection, ensuring maximum equipment reliability.

End-to-End Scalability

 Enhance your plant’s visibility effortlessly with our Plug & Play Sensors that facilitate swift installation, and seamless connectivity to Cellular (2g/4g/NbIoT) or Wi-Fi in less than 5 minutes—and benefit from immediate anomaly detection right from day one.

Elevate Safety and Efficiency

Our robust wireless hardware, certified with IP68, ASME Div 1&2, FC UL, and IECeX Zone 0,1,2, is seamlessly integrated with a custom AI-based platform, meticulously designed to cater to the unique demands of the Metal Industry.

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Case Study

Preventing 10 hours of Unplanned Downtime in Steel Manufacturing:

In the highly competitive steel manufacturing sector, our client, a leading multinational company in India, faced challenges in maintaining operational efficiency and reliability, particularly with the critical fuel exhaust (Motor Drive End). Traditional monitoring methods fell short in the dynamic steel production environment, demanding a shift to proactive measures. To address this, our team deployed cutting-edge predictive maintenance technology, including a 6-in-1 wireless sensor and AI-based software. This case study spotlights the transformative impact of our solution, focusing on the detection of Belt Misalignment—a common issue in steel manufacturing. It illustrates how our proactive approach not only addresses faults promptly but also sets the stage for a more resilient, efficient, and forward-looking era in steel manufacturing.