Complex Equipment

Ensuring the consistency and reliability of HVAC components is critical to averting contamination and deviations in temperature and humidity within pharmaceutical plants. Minor variations in flow or temperature can result in batch ruin, necessitating additional processing and risking quarantined inventory or lost batches. The complexity of pharmaceutical equipment, especially those integrating variable-frequency drives, adds to the challenge. The intricate nature of these systems requires meticulous monitoring and maintenance to prevent minor faults from cascading into operational disruptions and quality issues.

Remote and Hard-to-Reach Locations of Equipment

Another significant challenge lies in the remote and hard-to-reach locations of pharmaceutical equipment. Accessibility issues hinder regular monitoring and maintenance activities, making it challenging to ensure the consistent and reliable performance of critical components. Addressing these challenges requires advanced monitoring solutions tailored to the specific needs of complex HVAC systems in pharmaceutical plants.


With the increasing integration of digital technologies and interconnected systems, protecting sensitive data, and intellectual property, and ensuring the integrity of manufacturing processes becomes a complex task. Therefore pharmaceutical manufacturers are in search of solutions that comply with advanced cybersecurity certifications.

Wireless IoT Hardware with Cellular Connectivity​

Our cutting-edge wireless IoT hardware, equipped with cellular connectivity, revolutionizes remote monitoring. This solution excels in tracking variable-speed equipment, offering real-time insights even in the most challenging locations. With Nanoprecise, monitor your equipment efficiently, irrespective of its complexity or geographical constraints.

Advanced AI-Based Health Analytics Platform

Nanoprecise integrates state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) and physics-based algorithms into our solutions, setting a new standard in predictive maintenance capabilities. This dynamic synergy allows our system to calculate instantaneous fault frequencies by correlating speed and vibration, providing unparalleled precision. These insights empower you with proactive maintenance strategies, giving your operations a strategic edge in optimizing efficiency and ensuring the prolonged health of your equipment.


 Our software adheres to the highest cybersecurity standards, being Soc 2 Type 2 compliant. This dedication to security ensures that your data and operations remain safeguarded against potential cyber threats. With Nanoprecise, you can confidently navigate the complex landscape of cybersecurity compliance, trusting our secure software solutions to meet the stringent requirements of the industry.

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Case Study

In a critical scenario for one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical manufacturing companies, Nanoprecise’s predictive maintenance solution proved instrumental in averting a potential breakdown of a Chilled Brine Refrigeration System. The machine, operating at 2980 RPM, featured a crucial component – the Motor. The advanced Predictive Maintenance Solution successfully detected an anomaly, prompting immediate action. The comprehensive analysis by our Health Analytics Platform revealed bearing deterioration, signaling an increase in fault amplitude over the last seven datasets obtained at different times.The system not only identified the specific issue but also highlighted a non-repetitive pattern characteristic of non-synchronous vibration – a clear indication of bearing deterioration. This crucial information was swiftly communicated to the customer, accompanied by recommendations to address the identified fault. Nanoprecise’s timely intervention not only prevented a potential breakdown but also showcased the power of predictive maintenance in maintaining operational efficiency for a global manufacturing giant.