Inherently Dangerous Applications

Chemical manufacturing involves applications with inherent dangers, posing risks to both equipment and personnel.

High Temperature & Pressure Conditions

High-temperature and high-pressure environments in chemical manufacturing can challenge the operational capabilities of traditional condition monitoring techniques.

Large Range of Equipment Sets with Highly Varying Speed

Diverse equipment sets with significantly varying speeds demand nuanced monitoring solutions.

Zone 0 Certified IoT Sensors

Our state-of-the-art IoT sensors are certified for hazardous/explosive atmospheres, meeting Atex and IECEx standards for Zone 0. Engineered for extreme conditions, these wireless sensors ensure accurate data collection while enabling early fault detection. These wireless sensors guarantee safe operations, protecting workers in complex industrial environments, while facilitating remote monitoring of difficult and hard-to-reach  industrial assets.

Advanced Prescriptive Maintenance Software

Our predictive maintenance software excels in identifying faults at an early stage, and also offers timely recommendations for corrective action. This capability enables planned maintenance during scheduled downtimes, effectively minimizing the impact of safety norms on operational efficiency.

Adaptive Learning

Our AI-based platform can be set up in as little as 5 days, rapidly learning and creating a range-bounded baseline for each machine’s performance. This adaptive learning process is suitable for monitoring variable speed equipment and capturing rapid changes in the operating conditions of various equipment sets. It enables the platform to understand and adapt to your actual operations over time, refining its understanding and creating adaptive thresholds with defined range boundaries. This dynamic adaptation ensures that our predictive maintenance solution remains finely tuned to your specific conditions, enhancing accuracy, and reducing false alarms.

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Case Study

Preventing Catastrophic Failure in Chemical Manufacturing

Nanoprecise’s predictive maintenance solutions played a vital role in preventing a catastrophic failure for one of the largest chemical manufacturers in the Asia Pacific. Focused on monitoring critical Boiler FD Fans, which supply air for combustion in steam boilers, the challenge lay in their continuous operation, remote location, and safety restrictions on personnel during equipment running. Nanoprecise’s wireless IIoT Sensors and AI-based Health Analytics Platform swiftly detected an unbalance in the Boiler FD Fan’s Motor NDE. The advanced solution notified the maintenance & reliability teams while offering recommendations for corrective actions, thereby averting over 25 hours of potential downtime and ensuring both operational efficiency and worker safety. This case underscores Nanoprecise’s efficacy in overcoming monitoring challenges, contributing to the seamless operation of essential assets in chemical manufacturing plants.