RotationLF: Scalable & Sensor Agnostic AI based Platform

Advanced AI + CEEMDAN

​We deploy customized AI based on the plant and equipment type and let it learn for a few days using a mix of supervised and unsupervised learning. This coupled with higher efficiency signal processing and improved IMF separation means faults can be detected in as little as 5 Days!

Variable, Scalable, Integratable!

RotationLF suits almost all types of Motors, Pumps, Gearbox, Engines, Bearings, Turbines, Reactor, Generators, etc. detecting faults via its scalable AI based software. Cloud-based, it can be easily deployed in a host of situations and integrated for last mile automation via an open API.

Actionable Insights

Automated AI based fault diagnosis of the equipment and auto-recommendations to take the correct action. Also, true RPM to fault correlation helps to understand load variation in variable speed applications and thus helps to eliminate 90% of the false negatives.

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