Oil & Gas

Background Drilling Noise:

The constant background drilling noise, particularly around the Top Drive, adds an extra layer of complexity to monitoring equipment health. Precise sensor placement and advanced noise-filtering algorithms are crucial to extracting meaningful data in this environment.

Short Periods of Consistent Rotation (Drawworks):

The drawworks’ short periods of consistent rotation require specialized monitoring techniques to capture rapid changes in equipment conditions. Predictive maintenance solutions must be tailored to handle these dynamic operational patterns.

Hazardous Area Locations:

Oil & Gas manufacturing and production platforms often have hazardous areas where the atmosphere contains, or may contain in sufficient quantities, flammable or explosive gases, dust, or vapours. A slight spark, for example, in an oil and gas field or a manufacturing plant could trigger a fire or an explosion bringing about equipment damage or worse, loss of life. Operating in such locations necessitates certified hardware, ensuring compliance with safety standards while maintaining reliable data collection and anomaly detection.

Zone 0 Certified Hardware

Our IoT hardware is now certified for hazardous/explosive atmospheres (Atex and IECEx standards for Zone 0). The MachineDoctorTM, our 6-in-1 wireless sensor, operates safely in these environments, measuring Vibration, Acoustic Emission, Magnetic Flux, RPM, Temperature, and Humidity.

Cellular Communication with eSim

MachineDoctor sensors utilize cellular communication with eSim technology. This advanced communication approach ensures secure, reliable, and interference-free data transmission. With eSim, we eliminate the risk of interference, providing you with real-time, accurate insights into your equipment’s health, regardless of the complexities of your operational environment.

Cybersecure Software

 Enhance your plant’s visibility effortlessly with our Plug & Play Sensors that facilitate swift installation, and seamless connectivity to Cellular (2g/4g/NbIoT) or Wi-Fi in less than 5 minutes—and benefit from immediate anomaly detection right from day one.

Adaptive Learning

Our AI-based platform can be set up in as little as 5 days, rapidly learning and creating a range-bounded baseline for each machine’s performance. This adaptive learning process is suitable for monitoring variable speed equipment and capturing rapid changes in the operating conditions of various equipment sets. It enables the platform to understand and adapt to your actual operations over time, refining its understanding and creating adaptive thresholds with defined range boundaries. This dynamic adaptation ensures that our predictive maintenance solution remains finely tuned to your specific conditions, enhancing accuracy, and reducing false alarms.

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Case Study

Transforming Offshore Asset Monitoring with AI & IoT

Nanoprecise partnered with a global energy company engaged in crude oil and natural gas exploration, addressing connectivity challenges on a remote offshore production platform. Operating in some of the world’s most isolated areas, our client grappled with the crucial task of ensuring constant, reliable connectivity for asset monitoring.

In response, Nanoprecise deployed our advanced 6-in-1 MachineDoctor sensors, serving as the cornerstone of our client’s asset monitoring strategy. These sensors transmitted real-time data from industrial assets to the cloud, where automated analytics delivered actionable insights for proactive maintenance.

The AI-based Health Analytics & Energy Efficiency Platform monitored machine output parameters. Within two weeks, the Sound RMS trend detected issues in the critical Compressor Cooler Fan. A distinct step change, followed by an increase in the BPFI fault mode, provided an early warning. This alert escalated to a severe fault in just two weeks, demonstrating the swift progression from an early anomaly to a critical fault. The early warning empowered the reliability team to implement corrective measures, preventing unplanned downtime.

Nanoprecise’s holistic solution not only resolved connectivity challenges but also empowered our client to proactively manage asset health, minimizing downtime and optimizing maintenance efforts. Choose Nanoprecise for transformative solutions that ensure resilience in even the most challenging environments.