MachineDoctor: The World’s First 6-in-1 Wireless Sensor

Plug and Play, 6-in-1 Parameter Measurement

​The sensor can detect and measure Triaxial Vibration, Acoustic Emissions, Temperature, True RPM, Humidity, and Magnetic Flux​. Installed & connected in less than 5 minutes, the MachineDoctor sensor can be easily configured and deployed on your own.

Fits your Operations, Wherever They May be!

Leveraging its Cellular or Wifi connection and edge computing functionality the sensor ensures a seamless data transfer regardless of your infrastructure. Plus the C1D1, Zone 0 certification ensures a safe and reliable device in explosive & hazardous Environments.


The completely wireless & low battery consumption sensor can run off its internal battery for years without issue.  Couple that with MachineDoctor LUX’s light energy harvesting and you have close to a decade of maintenance-free data collection and transmission.

The MachineDoctor Line of Predictive Maintenance Sensors

MachineDoctor – WiFi

Machine Doctor wifi is a completely wireless battery-operated edge sensor that uses wifi routers to take data to the cloud for analysis. It measures 6 parameters in one; 3D Vibration, Acoustic Emission, Surface Temp, Humidity, True RPM & Magnetic Flux. Comes with Magnetic Mount, Stud Mount or Adhesives installation options.

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MachineDoctor – LTE

Machine Doctor – LTE offers flexibility to connect to the internet via its inbuilt ESim which has coverage of over 100+ countries across 350+ network service providers. It measures 6 parameters in one, 3D Vibration, Acoustic Emission, Surface Temp, Humidity, True RPM & Magnetic Flux. Comes with Magnetic Mount, Stud Mount, or Adhesives installation options. Simple plug & play hassle-free deployment without worrying about any extra IT infrastructure. NbIot/CAT-M1/LTE/Wifi/Bluetooth available

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MachineDoctor – LUX

Machine Doctor – LUX is the world’s first, Zone 0 compliant light energy harvesting sensor that is designed to function seamlessly in both indoor and outdoor settings. It draws power from available ambient light sources, eliminating the inconvenience of battery replacements often faced in the field, while reducing the sensor’s overall environmental footprint. The functionality or the sensor mirror that of the MachineDoctor – LTE.

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