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Machine Health Monitoring to significantly reduce downtime, costs and enhance machine life

Automated AI based Prescriptive Maintenance

Nanoprecise’s AI based machine health monitoring solutions offer real-time predictive information about the genuine health and performance of industrial assets. Right from the shop floor to the Top floor executives, we offer actionable insights that significantly enhance maintenance of critical assets and manage failures effectively.

Get advance early alerts & optimize your machine uptime with the latest predictive and prescriptive maintenance technology.

Our Approach: Automated End to End Solution


Edge Based Monitoring

Our 6 in 1 sensor has advanced edge analytics that allows for full-time monitoring without full-time connectivity. Avoid missing key events with time-based data collection.

The sensors can collect data about temperature, vibration, acoustic emission, Humidity, True RPM, Magnetic Flux and securely transmit it to the cloud platform for detailed analysis. Sensors can detect anomalies at the edge.


Automated Analysis & Diagnosis

Edge technology combined with cloud framework can detect any anomalies, incessant issues, and reasons for the same.

Machine-dependent fault modes can be identified through auto fault characterization, and machine conditions evaluated through machine learning algorithms.


Automated Prediction & Prescription

Once the fault mode is identified & pinpointed, our Advance AI predicts the remaining useful life of the machine based on the data received and rate of change.

Machine health can be visualized and reviewed so that focus can be shifted to high priority tasks, reviewing dangerous machines through timely alerts.


Automated Alerts & Notification

Insights obtained through Artificial Intelligence technology and expert support will offer useful feedback that can enable users to plan and prioritize machine health maintenance.

Unaddressed issues on critical equipment can be reviewed and fixed on time. Timely alerts will notify the site team right after the first sign of a machine malfunction.


Custom APIs for Integration

Automate Further with Custom Open APIs and take the data & insights to next level by integrating with your horizontal or vertical technologies for last-mile automation.


Experienced Support

Our CAT Level 2/3/4 analysts & Reliability experts offers initial assistance to identify the issues in machines and plan corrective steps right away.

Our team regularly arrange trainings and meetings to help them reap the benefits of our solution

How It Works

Ai Based Predictive Maintenance

Our Performance Promise

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Reliability of IOT network
0 %
Reliability of sensor (under any atmospheric conditions)
0 %
Reliability of data accuracy
0 %
Reliability of equipment fault detection
0 %
Reliability of dashboard uptime
0 %
Reliability of battery life (within atmospheric conditions of - 20C to 50C)

How We Add Value

Innovation Leaders
Get to adopt a fully scalable solution that avoids data silos that bottleneck immediate ROI. You get to empower your users with timely insights rather than data while still having the option to integrate for an even larger value.
Maintenance Manager
Plan your maintenance activites wisely by focussing on what matters the most. Peace of mind with automated 24/7 monitoring of your assets.
Reliability Professionals
Optimize and enhance the life of the machines with detailed health data of machines.
Manufacturing Leaders
You get to help your support team give you what you really want, optimized maintenance while avoiding unplanned downtime events that impact your productivity.

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Our Products

Machine Doctor

Secure your Assets with
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World’s only software that uses sophisticated CEEMDAN algorithm for early machine failure detection


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Frequently Asked Questions

The sensors are always connected through a reliable array of networking equipment such as routers, boosters and repeaters to the internet all the time.

A sensor installation is completed in less than 5 min

Our security protocol complies with TLS 1.2 and UL 2900-2-2. The data in the sensor is stored locally with scheduled uploads to cloud server using the most cyber secure platform (certified by UL) available in the world.

Yes, our Hardware is IP68 approved with IECEx/ATEX Zone 1, ASME Class 1 Div. 2, UL746C approved.


Remote Condition

Remote Condition Monitoring

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AI-based predictive maintenance solutions from Nanoprecise helped the Fishing Vessel Northwestern prevent catastrophic failure at sea.