Nanoprecise Sci Corp – the world’s leading Predictive Maintenance Solutions Provider, has launched a new product: NrgMonitorTM, to help manufacturers & operators track their energy efficiency and carbon footprint along with condition monitoring of motor-driven equipment.

This revolutionary product is a Sensor Agnostic Energy Efficiency & Condition Monitoring Platform that allows maintenance teams to track the energy consumption patterns for motor-driven equipment over a period of time. Moreover, it includes all the features of RotationLF, to help reliability teams identify faults that have the potential to cause downtime. It uses a data-driven approach to mitigate any inefficiencies in energy consumption and helps to determine which assets are consuming higher energy. It can track any increase or decrease in the energy consumption of an asset due to a particular fault mode and provide information about the total CO2 emissions that can be prevented.

Advancing Manufacturers towards a Net-zero Emission Goal  

As we move towards the era of sustainable growth, NrgMonitorTM offers a cost-effective means for manufacturers to achieve greater sustainability and have a positive impact on reducing their energy consumption and associated costs.

NrgMonitorTM has the potential to reduce between 5-15% of the total energy consumption of a typical industrial plant. It assists maintenance teams in making smarter & more accurate decisions to optimize energy consumption and reduce CO2 emissions of their machines, thereby enabling businesses to move towards sustainable manufacturing practices.

“NrgMonitor goes beyond the traditional reporting of energy consumption by allowing users to measure the excess CO2 emitted by machines experiencing fault conditions. It not only allows to reduce energy waste but also helps operators to reduce their carbon footprint. With NrgMonitor, we aim to empower maintenance & reliability teams with actionable insights that can help achieve their Net-Zero goals, while preventing unplanned downtime”, says Sunil Vedula, Founder & CEO, Nanoprecise Sci Corp.

 About Nanoprecise Sci Corp

Nanoprecise Sci Corp is an automated AI-based predictive maintenance solution provider that specializes in the implementation of Artificial Intelligence and Industrial IoT technology for predictive asset maintenance and condition monitoring. The AI-based solution offers real-time predictive information about the genuine health and performance of industrial assets.  Nanoprecise works with customers across a wide range of industries to help them eliminate unplanned downtime & increase their overall operational productivity, and with NrgMonitorTM, it aims to accelerate its customers’ journey towards net zero emission goals.