AI-based Energy Efficiency &
Health Analytics Platform

Track your Energy Consumption and Reduce CO2 Emissions to Achieve your Net-Zero Goals

Our goal with NrgMonitorTM is to help manufacturers & operators track the energy consumption patterns for their motor-driven equipment sets. It helps to determine which assets are consuming higher energy and can help maintenance teams to mitigate any inefficiencies in their energy consumption. It not only allows you to reduce the carbon footprint but also enables you to save energy costs for businesses.

Reduce the GHG Emissions & Carbon Footprint of your Plants using NrgMonitor

Know the holistic health of your rotating equipment and reduce your carbon footprint

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Monitor Power Consumption

Monitor the change in the power consumption of various components and equipment in near real-time from the data collected through MachineDoctorTM

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Monitor CO2 Emissions

Monitor the change in the energy consumption and track the resultant increase in CO2 emissions of your plants.

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Track The Total Cost
of Lost Energy

Track the monetary value of the total energy lost with advanced AI

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Wide Variety of
Rotating Equipment

NrgMonitor suits almost all types of Motors, Pumps, Gearbox, Engines, Bearings, Turbines, Reactor, Generators etc and detects various faults for different application

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Scalable & Portable

NrgMonitor is the most scalable AI based software. It can be integrated with horizontal technologies for last mile automation with open APIs

Benefits of NrgMonitor™

Monitor the increase in energy consumption of industrial assets due to unhealthy conditions.

Users can now measure the excess CO2 emitted by unhealthy machines under fault conditions.

Track the dollar value of the energy wasted for the entire plant.

The insights allow maintenance teams to take corrective steps for reducing their carbon footprint

You do not need to spend months providing data for a traditional data science project to create value. NrgMonitor is set up to start driving value in as little as 5 days.

Machine Doctor Sensor

RotationLF goes well with Machine Doctor

Know How NrgMonitorTM Can Help You Reduce Your Emissions and Carbon Footprint

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