The unique 6-in-1 IIoT sensor provides the opportunity to apply condition-based monitoring to almost any asset.

Nanoprecise Sci Corp, an automated AI-based predictive maintenance solution provider, has announced that their Industrial IoT hardware – MachineDoctorTM has won the Gold Award in the Asset Management Category of Plant Engineering Magazine’s prestigious Product of the Year program, 2021. This recognition is awarded to the product that receives the most votes among all products within the program category.

The award honours MachineDoctor™ for its ability to capture the information about the health & performance of machines wirelessly, in near real-time, utilizing Cellular IoT technology that makes deployment seamless and easy without the need for extensive infrastructure projects for wiring, routers, and access points. The Nanoprecise solution was the winner of the Gold Award, a recognition that bolsters the long-standing commitment of Nanoprecise toward its customers.

MachineDoctorTM is the world’s first 6-in-1 wireless sensor that measures 6 different output parameters of machines to provide real-time insights about their health and performance. Nanoprecise’s easy to configure hardware, that possesses edge processing capabilities, allows round-the-clock monitoring of machines and equipment sets without full-time connectivity. It works on Wi-Fi or Cellular networks to connect the machines to the internet. Moreover, edge analytics allows for anomaly detection right on the device without full-time connectivity that would typically drain a wireless sensor’s battery. All of these factors allow for a simple plug & play, hassle-free deployment, without worrying about any extra IT infrastructure.

The unique 6-in-1 IIoT sensor provides the opportunity to apply condition-based monitoring to almost any asset; this leads to greater productivity and reduced downtime all while getting diagnosed faults rather than simple alerts. The MachineDoctor™ also helps improve the safety of the operators, by sending real-time data and predicting issues before they arise. In any complicated manufacturing operation, these wireless sensors can successfully achieve internet connectivity with its e-sim to help monitor the health of critical assets, thereby providing complete visibility of the overall manufacturing & production operation.

“We are honoured and gratified to be the recipients of this esteemed award that is recognized throughout the industry. It is a testament to our long-standing commitment towards empowering modern industrial professionals with the right data at the right time”, says Sunil Vedula, CEO at Nanoprecise Sci Corp.  

 The Product of the Year program is the premier award for new products in the manufacturing and non-manufacturing industries, that honours smart and efficient products which solve the age-old problems in various industries.

The automated AI-based Solution from Nanoprecise helps maintenance and reliability professionals to make faster and more accurate decisions about maintenance activities; driving operational efficiency to help improve productivity and reduce unplanned downtime.

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