The Future of
Transformer Monitoring is here

Machine Doctor - wifi
Machine Doctor - Infinity

Deploy in minutes Automated 24/7 Smart Monitoring

Get proactive with your transformer monitoring

Eliminate reactive maintenance for transformer and predict the health of transformers proactively with help of TransformerLF

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Monitor 5
Parameters in One

Wireless Edge Sensor monitoring Acoustic Emission, Vibrations, Temperature, Humidity, Magnetic Flux

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Customised AI

Every plant type and equipment is different. Nanoprecise deploys customised AI basis on the plant type and machine type

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AE emission
upto 160KHz

AE range upto 160KHz to catch the early faults in transformers accurately

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Cyber Security

Cybersecure platform to make sure your equipment data is safe with us with encryption equivalent to bank grade

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Early Fault

Detect faults like Early Partial Discharge, Winding Deformations Faults with help of TransformerLF

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Plug & Play Non Invasive Deployment

Simple Plug & Play Deployment on the walls of the transformers without harming the machine setup or process

Benefits of TransformerLF

Know “When” Machine is Going to Fail

Know “Why” it is Going to Fail

Adaptive Thresholds based on your equipment’s actual loading and unloading patterns

Over 95% + probability of avoiding the downtime with Automated AI based Diagnosis of your equipment

Based on Plants and Hierarchy set up the dashboard and access the platform on the go

Remotely monitor the assets with our dedicated applications on mobile & web and get regular alerts on SMS & Emails

Machine Doctor Sensor

RotationLF goes well with Machine Doctor

Know how TransformerLF can enhance life of your equipment

Machine Doctor

Secure your Assets with
World's first 6 in one Wireless Sensor​


World’s only software that uses sophisticated CEEMDAN algorithm for early machine failure detection

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