Predictive Maintenance in Pharmaceutical Industry

Predictive Maintenance in Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry helps improve the health & well-being of people around the world and contribute a significant percentage to the global GDP, making it one of the most important industries in the world.

Pharmaceutical industry heavily depends on quality and accuracy of the manufacturing equipment sets to deliver high-quality products. Even slight changes in the functional parameter of pharmaceutical machines can lead to dire consequences on human lives, and also result in financial losses. Therefore, the pharmaceutical equipment manufacturers and maintenance professionals have long faced the challenge of keeping the equipment running in optimal conditions to reduce downtime and prevent bottlenecks that affect patients across the globe.


With the rising demand for efficiency and quality in production & manufacturing operations, unplanned downtime causes delays and customer-loss for the organizations, thereby hitting their bottom line. Moreover, it can lead to loss of human lives. This has forced the industry to look for technologies & solutions that can help prevent delays and maintain efficient operations. In addition, covid has forced manufacturers to look for digital tools and technologies, that help drive the digital transformation of the industry. With a view to automate the plant processes, industry professionals have steered towards predictive maintenance, for proactive asset maintenance and management.

Predictive Maintenance in Pharmaceutical Industry

predictive maintenance pharma industry

Predictive maintenance is a data-driven approach that collects and analyses machine health and performance data, in order to predict when an asset will fail. Maintenance & reliability professionals are notified as assets start to show initial signs of failure, thereby giving enough time for engineers & technicians to schedule repairs. This prediction and notification help to identify developing issues, preventing unplanned downtime in the future. It offers organizations the potential to produce better products at a faster rate without sacrificing quality or consistency.

Automated AI-based Predictive Maintenance in Pharmaceutical industry consists of wireless Industrial IoT sensors and analytics platform that crunches complex machine data to provide meaningful and actionable insights. Improved condition monitoring of industrial assets using automated AI-based Predictive Maintenance helps to maximize the uptime of machines & equipment sets.

Benefits of Predictive Maintenance in Pharmaceutical industry

  • Predictive maintenance can have a significant impact on a business in the pharmaceutical industry. It can allow for production to stay consistent and predictable, which in turn means companies can maintain a competitive edge in an ever-changing market.

  • Intelligent predictive maintenance solutions enable manufacturing plants to work more efficiently and generate higher yields. Investing in predictive maintenance solutions helps maintenance and reliability professionals identify areas that require attention before they become problems.

  • Predictive maintenance is also an excellent way to reduce downtime and increase productivity in the pharmaceutical industry. When downtime is reduced from hours to minutes, it can be translated into huge savings for the business, thereby improving the bottom-line.
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  • AI-based Predictive Maintenance allows maintenance personnel to optimize the resources, by identifying faults at an early stage. This ensures that the maintenance technicians/engineers are dispatched only after a particular defect has been identified in an asset, thereby eliminating the need for a time-based maintenance strategy.

  • In the end, predictive maintenance is not only good for the company's bottom line—it also reduces risk. Manufacturers can avoid costly shutdowns or emergency repairs because the predictive maintenance solution will notify the maintenance personnel about potential issues before they become serious problems.
The benefits of wireless predictive maintenance technologies have piqued the interest of the pharmaceutical industry professionals, mainly due to its potential to prevent unplanned downtime and improve operational efficiency. A single hour of downtime can potentially cost millions of dollars in lost productivity, and predictive maintenance promises to make maintenance practices more efficient and effective. Real-time insights about the health & performance of various equipment sets and machinery enables personnel to make smarter and accurate decisions that help the overall productivity of the manufacturing unit.

Choose Nanoprecise Sci Corp for Maximizing your Equipment Uptime


Predictive maintenance is a great way to keep machines and equipment sets running smoothly and efficiently. It helps pharmaceutical companies avoid costly downtime and ensure that the machinery is operating at peak performance, to maintain their competitive edge.

Nanoprecise is an automated AI-based Predictive Maintenance Solution Provider that facilitates early detection of even small changes in the equipment sets, before they impact production. Our wireless predictive maintenance solution helps pharmaceutical companies predict failures & prevent downtime, and offers increased flexibility and agility to the overall operations.

There are plenty of advantages of investing in predictive maintenance, such as reduced production costs and increased safety for workers. So why not get started today?

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Predictive Maintenance in the Pharmaceutical industry is a data-driven approach that helps to prevent industrial assets from reaching the point of failure. It uses Industrial IoT hardware that connects industrial assets such as machines and equipment sets to each other and to softwares & applications, thereby offering meaningful insights to help prevent unplanned downtime.

    Predictive Maintenance can significantly boost the availability of machines while also improving the safety of the workers. It also helps to improve operational reliability of machines and facilitates improved productivity for the overall manufacturing operation.

    Predictive Maintenance Services in pharmaceutical industry employs a proactive, data-driven approach, that uses predictive analytics, to analyse the equipment condition and predict when it may require maintenance. Nanoprecise is a Predictive Maintenance Service Provider in the pharmaceutical industry that helps organizations to detect even small changes in machines before they impact production or cause downtime.

    Predictive Maintenance System in Pharmaceutical industry monitors and analyses the data on the health and performance of equipment such as compressors, chillers, packaging units, agitators, centrifuges, cooling towers, dryers and granulators, among other critical piece of equipment sets.

    Predictive Maintenance System in Pharmaceutical industry consists of a combination of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Hardware and Analytics Software. The hardware is installed in the proximity of industrial assets. It senses different output parameters of the equipment sets and generates a corresponding digital signal. This signal is then transmitted to the Analytics Software which analyses the complex machine data to detect faults before it happens, thereby preventing unplanned downtime.