CO2 Emissions Reduction

Nearly 60% of the world’s electricity usage stems from motor-operated equipment, underscoring their significant role in monitoring machine health. Faults within these motors further elevate power consumption, operational expenses, and CO2 emissions and inflate overall lifecycle expenses. Surprisingly, energy costs contribute to over 90% of the lifecycle expenditure for motor-driven machinery, compared to minor expenses associated with motor procurement, upkeep, and installation, which collectively account for only 5-7% of the total lifecycle cost. Also, with unaddressed machine faults like this, the industry releases kilotons, and tons of CO2 back into the environment, which otherwise could have been easily curbed.

NrgMonitor, the energy-centric maintenance solution by Nanoprecise, is easily integrated into existing machine monitoring operations. It mainly focuses on providing industries with data and analytics crucial for C02 emissions monitoring, directly impacting CO2 emissions reduction if acted upon. The solution is easy to install and train, requiring only a short time to understand the equipment’s patterns. It achieves this by leveraging Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)-based sensors, MachineDoctor, unique AI-powered software, and multiple physics applications to understand the degree of additional energy consumed by any faulty motor-driven machinery. It also provides immediate users with action steps to curb this wastage.

An effortless synchronization of sensors and AI algorithms offering real-time insights empowers Industries, Energy Monitoring Managers, and Plant Managers with monitoring data like never before. The MachineDoctor sensor, powered by batteries, tracks six vital machine health indicators: Triaxial Vibration, Acoustic Emissions, Temperature, True RPM, Humidity, and Magnetic Flux. It effortlessly connects to the cloud for analysis via cellular networks or Wi-Fi, ensuring seamless data transmission. These sensors, coupled with the AI + Physics algorithms solution NrgMonitor, provide the date to reevaluate how energy consumption is monitored today. Also, the data collected through the process of CO2 emissions monitor is then used for prescriptive analysis to create strategies and


The merits of energy-centered Maintenance using NrgMonitor from Nanoprecise is too big to be explored. Users can expect the following advantages from using NrgMonitor from Nanoprecise.

  • Energy consumption is reduced or, at the very least, optimized.
    Manufacturing defects can be easily identified.
  • It helps to justify a much stronger ROI case, and the time to ROI is significantly reduced and valid for all equipment.
  • It helps justify ROI, even if the machine has already gone down.
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Reducing Downtime in Metal Industry

Our IoT driven Predictive maintenance solution helps to reduce downtime, monitor, collect exchange and analyze data from machines to enhance manufacturing processes of the metal industry.

Machine failure in the mines? No worries.

Our solutions can add immense value to your entire mining supply chain by harnessing the power of Industry 4.0. The asset performance will be optimized, costs and machine downtime can be reduced leading to a boost in ROI.

No more unplanned downtime in Cement Industry

Our Industry 4.0 digital solutions can help you tackle the challenges in cement production such as large energy consumption, high costs and complex processes.

Protect your assets with Zone Approved Solution

Our digitization solutions in industrial equipment maintenance can help oil and gas companies streamline maintenance. Our predictive analytics and conditional data monitoring help anticipate failures, reducing unplanned maintenance and unscheduled downtime.

No more Downtime, Keep your Machines Running in Chemical Plants

Our AI driven analytics can propel your chemical business to new heights of reliability by optimizing asset longevity and impacting top-line growth through proactive identification of upcoming machine failures. IoT driven asset maintenance solutions can provide immense flexibility and agility to production.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Nanoprecise specializes in an energy-centered maintenance solution known as NrgMonitor. This solution helps monitor, analyse, and reduce energy consumption by enhancing and taking corrective actions to improve machine health. These steps can directly impact the way the industry releases CO2 into the environment.

Since the NrgMonitor solution provides real-time insights into energy consumption, it enables organizations to optimize the energy usage in the unit. The best part is its capability to identify the manufacturing defects present, which ensures and inflates overall lifecycle expenses, and guaranteed ROI while taking care of industrial CO2 emissions.

Nanoprecise integrates AI capabilities in CO2 Emission monitoring and optimize energy consumption. These AI-based solutions ensure energy efficiency by reducing wastage and increasing operational reliability by making the overall process sustainable.

There are several advantages of using Nanoprecise’s NrgMonitor.

  • It helps to reduce energy consumption for any Industry.
  • Optimizes the energy usage, reducing waste.
  • Can identify manufacturing defects and energy wastage.
  • It helps to achieve ROI faster and inflates overall lifecycle expenses.
  • It is a comprehensive and sustainable solution.

Nanoprecise’s energy-centric maintenance approach with NrgMonitor solutions differs from its traditional RCM counterpart. It focuses on providing a complete view of how much energy was consumed in excess in tons and dollars, while RCM only identifies the fault in the motor-driven machinery. Nanoprecise’s ECM solution, NrgMonitor, leverages AI-driven analytics that provides us with real-time data with precision to reduce downtime and CO2 emissions. The traditional RCM methods are not powered by such cost-saving and sustainable technology-based solutions.