Nanoprecise Sci Corp organized a webinar on “Automated Prescriptive Maintenance in Journal Bearings, Compressors, & Turbines” where Predictive Maintenance Expert Graham Kawulka covered various methods to monitor journal bearings from a predictive maintenance perspective, some challenges and then case studies where Nanoprecise technology has been useful in the real world.

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The webinar covered various points which included a brief overview of journal bearings, which are used in various machines that typically run above 3000 RPM or those that exceed 500 HP, the advantages & disadvantages of journal bearings, and how different fault modes such as misalignment or oil whirl/whip can cause catastrophic failures in short periods of time.  Some notable moments focussed on the fault detection capabilities of Machine Doctor, for example, automatic bearing wear detection via pairing of RPM harmonics & Noise Floor,  


Meet the Expert:

Graham Kawulka

Vice President – Business Development