What’s New

Daily Alarm Setup

Users can now subscribe to a daily alarm with options for frequency (once or twice a day) and start time for notifications via the Alert Setting on the dashboard.

Email Alarm Improvements

Enhanced the Email alarm settings for Vibration (RMS and Peak) and Sound (RMS) graphs. Users can set Alarm, Warning, and Pre-Warning thresholds for all three axes (X, Y, Z) and the resultant on a single page. Additionally, Configuration (Single point or Smooth Curve) and Global Email Frequency settings have been introduced as global settings.

Default Configuration for New Companies

Newly added companies will have default configurations enabled, including Maintenance log, Alert settings with default alarms, Daily alarms with all notification codes, and Sensor dashboard

Sensor Stat Frequency Field

Introduced a new field to set Sensor Stat Frequency in the organization and company config pages, moving it from the Company Details Page.

Notifications from Partner Emails

Implemented a feature to send notifications using customer-provided email configurations for white-labeled companies, moving away from using Nanoprecise mail configs

Change Password Process Update

Enhanced security for password changes, now requiring the current password to be entered as a security check before updating to a new password.

Additional Updates

Conducted a POC for S3 storage to optimize data retention and cost by moving complex data from CDP to AWS-S3.

Configured a popup for gathering user feedback on the dashboard, currently in testing for Master users and will be expanded to other users gradually.

Bug Fixes

Resolved an issue where the Equipment Report was not functioning correctly at the Company level.

Fixed access problems for Organization and Company Level Super admins, who were previously unable to access the Admin Dashboard.

Corrected a problem where sensor data was displayed in incorrect colors on the Pie chart of the Sensor Health Summary Page.

Addressed mismatches between the data shown in the Sensor dashboard pie chart and the data table, ensuring consistency.