What’s New

Notification link Improvement

  • The notification link in emails now correctly redirects to the corresponding graph and axis. This improvement applies to all graph types except those without any axis.

Mandatory Asset Addition for User Creation

  • When adding a new user, it is mandatory to add assets based on user levels
    • Plant Level User: Company and Plant are mandatory.
    • Machine Level User: Company, Plant, and Machine are mandatory.
    • Equipment Level User: Company, Plant, Machine, and Equipment are mandatory.

User permission for blink up

  • Introduced a new user permission for Blink Up access, restricting users to the Blink Up page in the mobile app.

Notification Log Improvements:

  • The notification log now defaults to displaying the last 5 days of data instead of 10, improving data loading speed for a better user experience.

Email Alarm update

  • Thresholds can now be set on individual axes and the resultant graph.
  • Thresholds can be applied to individual points or a smooth curve based on configuration.
  • Alarm, Warning, and Pre-Warning thresholds can be set, with email notifications based on selected frequency.

Equipment Table Update

  • The date in the equipment table for idle time popup now displays the last running time of the equipment instead of the last updated time.

Maintenance feedback Improvements

  • Users can now select notification dates to provide feedback across components or equipment collectively, streamlining the feedback process.

Hotfix Released

  • Addressed an issue where newly added components were not visible under equipment. This has been resolved in a hotfix.