What’s New

Limited User Access on Enterprise Summary and Notification Log Pages:

  • Users now see only the subscribed sensor information on the Enterprise Summary and Notification Log pages.
  • Access is restricted based on the user’s level of access, ensuring a focused and secure viewing experience.

Improved Sensor Notifications:

  • Grouped multiple notifications into a single one to prevent notification overload.
  • Individual sensor status notifications are replaced by a comprehensive notification containing all sensor information for those not uploading data within a specified period.

Improved Daily Alarm and Direct Codes:

  • Daily Alarm now summarizes notifications generated in the defined period.
  • Removed restrictions, enabling all users signed up for daily alarms to receive them, regardless of level access restrictions.
  • Activated daily alarm email for all customers, incorporating direct notifications in the daily summary.
  • Select “all” the direct codes to go directly from the portal.

Notification Log Improvements:

  • Removed pagination in the notification log
  • Added filter options, sorting capabilities, and a global search for efficient log exploration.
  • Relocated the date range within the filter options for better navigation.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved DIY Configuration issue where it didn’t write to the process config.
  • Corrected the last running timestamp in the equipment list.
  • Fixed the missing entries in the notification box on the component page.
  • Rectified the incorrect date format in the SHS sensor table.