What’s New

Nano AI Alarm Setting Enhancements:

  • Redefined Nano AI alarm settings for comprehensive functionality.
  • Improved user experience with a refined configuration interface allowing users to set alarm triggers based on specific parameters:
    • Define alert triggers (number of points, consecutive triggers, time period).
    • Set repeat frequency for notifications.
    • Implement an exception percentage for re-triggering notifications based on amplitude increases over a threshold within the repeat frequency timeframe.

This significant update enhances flexibility and customization in managing Nano AI alarms.

Company List Organization in Admin Panel:

  • Restructured company listing on the dashboard for better organization and accessibility.
  • Introduced tagging of company names and codes for precise identification.
  • Simplified company search by enabling users to search using both company code and company name.

This update streamlines user experience and ensures accurate association of company names with their respective codes.


Nano AI Alarm Subscription Customization:

  • Segregated Nano AI alarms into distinct types, enabling users to subscribe to specific NanoAi stats alarms.
  • Reconfigured the subscription process to offer users the flexibility of subscribing to individual and specific Nano AI stats alarms.

This change provides users with more granular control over the notifications they receive, enhancing their ability to tailor alarms to their specific needs.

Additional Information on Admin Panel:

  • Expanded Admin Panel with additional columns
    • User Role (Admin, Super Admin, Manager, etc.)
    • User Level (Company, Plant, Organization access)
    • Level ID (Names of the company, plant, and organization that the user has access to)
    • Notification Type (Subscribed notification types)
  • Improved visibility into user roles and access levels within a single organization, facilitating efficient management and oversight.

Sunset of Old Dashboard (ODS)

  • Completed the shutdown of the old dashboard, terminating all associated instances.
  • Ceased all notifications related to ODS.
  • Users will now exclusively access the new dashboard (NDS) for an enhanced experience.

Bug Fixes

  • Waveform Data Download Issue:
    • Addressed a crucial bug where waveform data was not downloading in its entirety, restricting users to limited data access.
    • Implemented a fix to ensure seamless and complete downloading of waveform data.
  • Timestamp Format in Sensor Health Summary Table:
    • Resolved a critical bug causing an incorrect timestamp format in the Sensor Health Summary Table.
    • The timestamp format has been rectified to ensure accurate and standardized representation.
  • Incorrect Link in Sensor Notification Emails:
    • Fixed a critical issue related to sensor notifications, where incorrect links were being provided in notification emails.
    • Users will now receive accurate and functional links in sensor notification emails.