What’s New

  •  Seamless Scrolling for Improved User Experience

Pagination has been eliminated from various pages in the application, including the Sensor dashboard, admin dashboard, Plant table, and Machine Table. Users can now enjoy seamless continuous scrolling, avoiding the hassle of clicking through multiple pages to access content. This change ensures quicker access to information, as there are no longer any delays caused by page load times between different sections.


  • Personalized Timestamps

Our enhanced dashboard now displays timestamps according to the time zone settings as configured by the users, ensuring a precise and user-friendly experience. Users can now see timestamps in their local time, providing accurate time representation.


  • Introducing Time Zone Selection

In the admin dashboard, the user details page now provides comprehensive information about user roles and permissions. This feature simplifies user management and ensures that the right access is granted to each user.


  • Revised Email Alarms

Ensured proper unit display for RMS velocity alarms as per specifications. Implemented inch/sec to mm/sec conversion for alarm posting and vice versa for accurate data representation on the dashboard. 

  • Improved Company Dropdown List

Improved company dropdown list for better user experience by displaying complete company names alongside codes.


Bug Fixes

  • Updated sensor link has been rectified and will now be sent in email notifications.
  • Notification frequency was not being adhered to, causing repeated notifications contrary to the set schedule.
  • Sensor orientation issue resolved. Vib-X and Vib-Y reassigned appropriate values (Radial and Axial) according to sensor mounting.