With summer just around the corner, Nanoprecise is working extensively with customers across the world to maximize their equipment uptime, in order to help them keep up with the surging demand. 

While the world welcomes the summer months with celebration, its onset is a worrisome time for many manufacturers as they have to meet the increasing demand from their customers.

The summer heat is a test for any and all industrial facilities. As demand for products peak, systems are pushed to the edge of their operational capacities, making failures more likely and repairs more challenging. The summer months also present a critical challenge to machine operators when it comes to implementing appropriate maintenance strategies. Various organizations such as beverage companies & power generation facilities are battling the need to maximize production, to meet the higher demand from customers during the summer. Operations are running at full capacity even for industries like chemicals & fertilizers as they witness higher demand from farmers, cultivators, and other customers during the summer. However, many industrial businesses have struggled to implement strategies that can handle peak demand periods effectively.

Moreover, the current economic conditions across the world have also led to longer lead times for spare parts and other critical equipment pieces. Long lead times can immediately halt manufacturing operations if engineers lack the components needed to maintain production levels. Operators typically rely heavily on factory direct and authorized distributors for fulfilling orders and meeting business demands so that they can maintain the efficiency of their own operations. However, the current business climate has led to constrained capacities thereby affecting their bottom line. Therefore, it is critical to have advanced notice of issues way before they impact the production so that engineers & technicians can plan their maintenance activities in advance to maintain their production output and ensure optimum performance of machines & equipment sets.

Nanoprecise Sci Corp is an automated AI-based predictive maintenance solution provider that facilitates early detection of even small changes in machine operations well before they impact production or cause downtime. Nanoprecise specializes in the implementation of Artificial Intelligence and Industrial IoT technology for predictive asset maintenance and condition monitoring. The AI-based solution offers real-time predictive information about the genuine health and performance of industrial assets and helps operators to keep their equipment sets running at their optimum performance levels.

With summer just around the corner, Nanoprecise is working extensively with customers across industries like Cement, Fertilizer, Power Generation, and Oil & Gas among others, to maximize the uptime of their equipment so as to keep up with the surging demand, by deploying automated end-to-end predictive maintenance solutions across their manufacturing plants. Large-scale deployment of the AI-based predictive maintenance solution is helping businesses to optimize the equipment performance and meet demand at all hours while also helping to run operations more efficiently.

“Nanoprecise continues to ensure that the equipment sets are secure and reliable while maintaining efficient monitoring that saves millions of dollars for our customers. We are helping customers set up for their summer operations to meet the surging demand by offering complete visibility of their overall operations”, said Graham Kawulka, Chief Commercial Officer at Nanoprecise Sci Corp.

Nanoprecise is focused on implementing advanced systems that address the risks of higher demand periods by helping operators maintain the equipment sets at their optimum performance levels and minimizing unplanned downtime by detecting faults at an early stage and even predicting their remaining useful life.

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