Nanoprecise solutions have been helping the asset management teams at various Nutrien facilities to improve their functional performance as well as operational efficiency.

The world is facing a food shortage and food security has become a global concern. Food shortage & insecurity have been aggravated by climate change and locusts, among other factors. Challenges such as the pandemic and the geopolitical conflicts have reversed the gains attained over the past decades. Moreover, the supply chain disruptions have further worsened the crisis in recent years. These growing challenges coupled with inflation are already pushing millions of people into acute hunger. Therefore, it is essential to find innovative solutions that can help increase the production of crops to reduce the mounting pressure of food shortages.

Fertilizer companies play a crucial role in increasing crop productivity. These companies play a very important role in accelerating food production by supplying the much-needed arsenal, to help the farmers and agriculturists increase the production of high-value crops.

The rising demand for increased food production has put significant pressure on fertilizer companies to provide solutions to boost crop productivity, which is why many of these companies have been turning to digital technologies such as predictive maintenance solutions, for improving their operational efficiency, and reducing operational costs and eliminate unplanned downtime.

Nanoprecise Sci Corp is an automated AI-based predictive maintenance solution provider that has been working with fertilizer companies across North America & Asia to support their efforts to quell the global food shortage by keeping their machines running 24X7, thereby allowing them to maximize production.

Nanoprecise has been working with Nutrien – one of the largest fertilizer manufacturing companies in North America, by helping their maintenance & reliability personnel with proactive asset maintenance and management. Nanoprecise solutions have been helping the asset management teams at various Nutrien facilities to improve their functional performance as well as operational efficiency. The AI-based solution allows the maintenance personnel to keep industrial assets operational and well maintained, while ensuring consistent production, by offering real-time predictive information about the genuine health and performance of their equipment sets. 


The Predictive Maintenance Solutions from Nanoprecise offers highly valuable insights about the equipment performance with a combination of AI + IoT + LTE technologies. The IoT hardware is Atex and IECEx Zone 0 certified, enabling it to be used within hazardous environments thereby bringing productivity and safety benefits to challenging process environments in the fertilizer manufacturing plants. Moreover, edge analytics allows for full-time monitoring without full-time connectivity. It provides enhanced visibility of the machine’s health thereby offering increased transparency to the fertilizer manufacturing operation as a whole.

The automated solution monitors the industrial assets and offers early alerts with fault prediction & prescription. It promises to be a cost-efficient strategy as it significantly reduces the spare parts and maintenance parts expenses while reducing the unplanned downtime of the fertilizer manufacturer. It not only allows monitoring of the equipment sets located in critical work environments but also saves maintenance costs & time with automated anomaly detection.

In combination with the state-of-the-art wireless IoT sensor and AI-based software, Nanoprecise helps the maintenance teams at Nutrien to maximize their equipment uptime and increases the mean time between failures. This, in turn, can help the units comply with stringent safety and health-related regulations. The use of such advanced predictive maintenance software powered by the latest technology can be critical to solving the food shortage as it guarantees efficient and responsive equipment performance for not only the fertilizer & chemical companies but also for farming, agriculture, transportation, and other sectors.

With a team that comprises expertise in hardware, condition monitoring, and software, the Nanoprecise team has helped Nutrien detect faults at many of their manufacturing plants at an early stage to help prevent catastrophic damage and loss of production. Nanoprecise strives to support the continued efforts of Nutrien to increase the supply of fertilizer, in order to help farmers increase crop yields in response to the prevailing food crisis.