What’s New

Admin Dashboard Permissions Added:

Added new fields for DIY App, Alert Setting, User Management, and Equipment Management to improve permission metrics on the admin dashboard.

Sensor Health Summary Updates

Introduced a “Last Running Time Stamp” field on the Sensor Health Summary page and in the downloadable dataset. Updated “Last Update” to “Last Running” for clarity, on the Health Summary page.

Company Visibility Control:

Added functionality to make companies hidden on the dashboard, with toggle options for visibility. This ensures companies can be selectively displayed or hidden, with no notifications sent for hidden companies.

Spectrum Graphs Bearing Selection:

Implemented a dropdown for bearing numbers in Spectrum Graphs, allowing users to select and visualize bearing frequency plots for different bearings.

Frequency Markers Accuracy Improved:

Corrected mismatches between displayed and actual frequencies in CDP, ensuring accurate fault amplitude trend analysis. Harmonics display logic was also updated to match CDP standards

Non-Running Status on Resultant Graphs:

Added a “Non-Running” status for RMS, Peak, and Kurtosis on Resultant Graphs to facilitate smoother curve generation.

Enterprise Health Summary for Organization Level:

Introduced a toggle option on the Enterprise Health Summary page, enabling Super Admins and Admins to view health summaries at the organization level. This feature is currently not available for Master Users.

New Pie Chart for Last Running Time Difference:

Added a pie chart visualization for the last running time difference on the Sensor Health Summary page, with color codes indicating time differences (Green for <24 hrs, Orange for 24-72 hrs, Red for >72 hrs).