What’s New

  • View Time Difference and Frequency Difference in the Waveform Chart for Selected Markers.

View time and frequency differences between two selected markers on the Waveform chart. Simply select up to four markers on the Waveform chart, and instantly see the variance in both time and frequency. The first marker sets the baseline, and subsequent markers reveal the differences in time and frequency relative to this reference point. The user can select a maximum of four markers, and the differences in time and frequency will be calculated between the 1st and 2nd marker, 1st and 3rd marker, and 1st and 4th marker. This enhancement allows for a more detailed and accurate analysis, enabling users to quantify the gaps between selected points in the waveform.


Bug Fixes

  • Resolved Stage 4 Threshold not saving for certain Fault Modes.
  • Fixed issues with “page not found” and “no data found” on the Demo Dashboard.