What’s New

  • Increased session expiry time.

The session expiry time has been extended to improve the user experience. Now the user can stay logged in for a longer duration (24 Hours) before needing to log in again.


  • Added sorting options for the equipment table.

Added sorting options to the equipment table, making it easier to find and manage The  equipment. The list can be sorted based on various different types.


  • User Roles and Permissions info added on admin dashboard-user details page.

In the admin dashboard, the user details page now provides comprehensive information about user roles and permissions. This feature simplifies user management and ensures that the right access is granted to each user.


  • Notification Log- Checkbox provided for acknowledgement status.

The notification log now includes checkboxes to indicate acknowledgment status. Users can easily track which notifications have been acknowledged and which ones require attention.


  • The home page icon is added to redirect from any page to the homepage.

Have added a convenient home page icon that allows users to quickly navigate back to the homepage from any page within the organization. It streamlines users’ experience and saves time.

  • Equipment learning % showing on the home page.

The home page now displays the equipment learning percentage, allowing users to see the same on the homepage only. This visual indicator helps you stay informed and up to date.



Bug Fixes

  • Redirection to the component from the notification URL received in the email is not working.
  • After session expiry user is not navigating to the login page.
  • When all plants and multiple machines are selected, the equipment list doesn’t update.
  • Notification Log-Unable to add feedback.
  • Plots are not loading for Demo.