The Product of the Year Program recognizes the best new products in the manufacturing and non-manufacturing industries each year.

Nanoprecise Sci Corp, a leading provider of predictive maintenance solutions, has announced that its flagship product, NrgMonitor, has been selected as a finalist in the “Product of the Year” Program 2023, organized by Plant Engineering Magazine.

The “Product of the Year” Program recognizes the best new products in the manufacturing and non-manufacturing industries each year. The winner of this premier award will be decided by the number of votes that each product receives, and the voting takes place through an online form created by CFE Media.

NrgMonitorTM is an Energy Efficiency & Health Analytics Platform that helps manufacturers track their energy efficiency & carbon footprint, along with condition monitoring of their motor-driven equipment. It employs a data-driven approach to help operators achieve their Net-Zero goals while preventing unplanned downtime.

“We are thrilled to be selected as a finalist in the Product of the Year Program, for the second time in a row. This recognition demonstrates our long-standing commitment to empowering modern industrial professionals with the right data at the right time”, says Graham Kawulka, Chief Commercial Officer at Nanoprecise Sci Corp.



NrgMonitorTM determines which assets are consuming higher energy and allows maintenance teams to mitigate any inefficiencies in their energy consumption. Moreover, it helps them pinpoint faults with the potential to cause downtime, and identifies when a given piece of equipment is approaching the end of its Remaining Useful Life.

It is being deployed at scale across a range of industries to provide a cost-effective means for every company to achieve greater sustainability and have a positive impact on reducing energy consumption & costs. The ease and speed of implementation provide companies with a clear means to start addressing the larger challenges of reducing unplanned downtime and carbon emissions today.

“We believe that NrgMonitor is a game-changer for predictive maintenance, and we are proud to see it recognized as one of the most innovative products in the industry. We are looking forward to the final announcement of the winner, and regardless of the outcome, we are honored to be considered among the top products in the industry”, says Sunil Vedula, Founder & CEO at Nanoprecise Sci Corp.

The winner of the “Product of the Year” Program 2023 will be announced in the coming months, and Nanoprecise is excited to be in the running for this prestigious award. Regardless of the outcome, the recognition is a testament to the company’s dedication to developing innovative solutions that make a real difference in the manufacturing industry.

Voting for Product of the Year opened, on February 1st, 2023, and closes on March 14th, 2023. You can consider voting for Nanoprecise Sci Corp through the Plant Engineering website or by clicking on the button below:



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