MachineDoctor LUX: Sustainable Power for Smart Maintenance

Enhancing Energy Efficiency & Condition Monitoring in Industrial Operations with Energy Harvesting IIoT Sensor for Predictive Maintenance


Industries have increasingly embraced the transformative potential of IoT technology in their operations. However, the full-scale adoption of this technology has been hindered by various limitations that impede efficient scaling. Chief among these challenges is the need for battery replacements for IoT sensors, which not only incur costs but also disrupt data collection processes.  The need for an innovative approach that not only enhances energy efficiency but also revolutionizes predictive maintenance has become increasingly evident.

Powering the Future of Energy Harvesting and Predictive Maintenance

At the forefront of this revolution stands MachineDoctor™ LUX, the world’s first Zone 0 compliant* light energy harvesting IIoT sensor. Designed to seamlessly function in both indoor and outdoor settings, MachineDoctor LUX draws power from available ambient light sources, eliminating the inconvenience of battery replacements while significantly reducing the sensor’s overall environmental footprint. With its Smart Power Management system, this cutting-edge sensor ensures uninterrupted data collection, even in variable to low-light conditions.


MachineDoctor sensors can be installed using a Magnetic Mount, Stud Mount or Adhesives. These sensors facilitate autonomous communication between machines. The entire system setup can be completed within a few hours, establishing a network of interconnected machines.

Once installed, these robust battery-operated wireless sensors initiate the detection and transmission of six data streams to the AI-driven analytics platform called NrgMonitorTM, through a secured and encrypted network, using both Edge and Cloud computing.


MachineDoctor works on Wi-Fi or Cellular networks to connect the machines to the internet. It offers extensive coverage and also provides a high level of security for communication. Moreover, edge analytics allows for full-time monitoring without full-time connectivity. All of these factors allow for a simple plug-and-play, hassle-free deployment, without worrying about any extra IT infrastructure.

It offers improved connectivity, thereby offering the opportunity to monitor every aspect of the manufacturing operation, leading to greater productivity and reduced downtime. The MachineDoctor solution also helps improve the safety of the operators and operations, by sending real-time data and predicting issues arising from equipment anomalies/faults.

Sustainable Energy Management Redefined

Equipped with self-contained solar panels and a long-life Lithium-Ion battery, MachineDoctor™ LUX efficiently combines light energy harvesting and battery power to provide a continuous and reliable energy source. Its capacity to function without the need for frequent battery replacements reduces operational costs and disruptions, while underscoring its commitment to sustainability. With seamless integration and a focus on scalability, MachineDoctor LUX represents a transformative leap forward in the field of industrial monitoring and maintenance technology.
MachineDoctor LUX not only monitors critical parameters of industrial assets but also empowers industries to anticipate potential issues and make data-driven decisions. Its implementation serves as a testament to our dedication to sustainability and innovation, providing businesses with an eco-friendly, reliable, and versatile solution that propels industrial operations toward a future of optimized efficiency and reduced environmental impact.

Nanoprecise is committed to ensuring that your industrial operations run seamlessly, without the interruptions caused by maintenance inefficiencies. With our MachineDoctor sensors and NrgMonitor platform, we provide precise diagnostics, enabling your team to identify potential issues and address them effectively. The solutions help manufacturers & operators track their energy efficiency & carbon footprint, while monitoring the health of their motor-driven equipment. It employs a data-driven approach to help operators achieve their Net-Zero goals while preventing unplanned downtime. Reach out to Nanoprecise today and experience zero downtime while maximizing the efficiency of your industrial operations.

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For inquiries, consultations, and more information about MachineDoctor LUX and our predictive maintenance solutions, please contact us at Our dedicated team is here to assist you and provide personalized guidance on implementing predictive maintenance strategies in your organization.

Customised to your Industry Needs


Reducing Downtime in Metal Industry

Our IoT driven Predictive maintenance solution helps to reduce downtime, monitor, collect exchange and analyze data from machines to enhance manufacturing processes of the metal industry.

Scaling Iot in Manufacturing Industry

Machine failure in the mines? No worries.

Our solutions can add immense value to your entire mining supply chain by harnessing the power of Industry 4.0. The asset performance will be optimized, costs and machine downtime can be reduced leading to a boost in ROI.

Predictive Maintenance in Mining Sector

No more unplanned downtime in Cement Industry

Our Industry 4.0 digital solutions can help you tackle the challenges in cement production such as large energy consumption, high costs and complex processes.

Our advanced analytics can simplify complexities and help in real-time decisionmaking. Equipment lifespan and reliability will amplify due to our condition monitoring system.

Predictive Maintenance in Cement Plant

Protect your assets with Zone Approved Solution

Our digitization solutions in industrial equipment maintenance can help oil and gas companies streamline maintenance. Our predictive analytics and conditional data monitoring help anticipate failures, reducing unplanned maintenance and unscheduled downtime.

Predictive Maintenance in Oil & Gas Plant

No more Downtime, Keep your Machines Running in Chemical Plants

Our AI driven analytics can propel your chemical business to new heights of reliability by optimizing asset longevity and impacting top-line growth through proactive identification of upcoming machine failures. IoT driven asset maintenance solutions can provide immense flexibility and agility to production.

Predictive Maintenance in Chemical Plant

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    MachineDoctor LUX optimizes energy consumption by harnessing light energy, reducing the need for battery replacements, and ensuring continuous data collection, even in low-light conditions. This not only saves operational costs but also minimizes environmental impact.

    Yes, MachineDoctor LUX can be seamlessly integrated into a variety of industrial settings, both indoors and outdoors. Its versatility and adaptable mounting options make it suitable for diverse applications and environments.

    MachineDoctor LUX operates on Wi-Fi or Cellular networks, providing secure and reliable communication. Its edge analytics capabilities allow for continuous monitoring without the need for constant connectivity, ensuring hassle-free deployment.

    MachineDoctor LUX monitors critical parameters of industrial assets, empowering businesses to make data-driven decisions and anticipate potential issues. By providing precise diagnostics and predictive insights, it helps in achieving operational efficiency and preventing unplanned downtime.